Serie A’s Top Five Strikers From 2010-2019

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Last decade, Serie A declined a lot compared to previous ones, at least in my view. However, despite that, they were many tremendous Strikers that were fun to watch. As a result, I’m writing an article on Serie A’s top five strikers from 2010-2019. Before I start, I want to mention that I excluded several notable strikers that played for three seasons or less during this time because I wanted to use number 9s that played in Serie A for a good portion of last decade. My apologies to Carlos Tevez, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Edinson Cavani, and Diego Forlan. Anyways, here’s my list.

5. Miroslav Klose

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Before Miroslav Klose arrived in Italy, he had pretty much cemented his place as a football legend. However, his time at Lazio further cemented his legacy. With 55 goals in 139 appearances for Lazio in Serie A, he proved his worth. He stood out to me. Previously, I watched him in the Champions League and in international tournaments. However, watching him on a weekly basis helped me gain more appreciation for him. His aerial ability impressed me the most.

4. Mauro Icardi

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This is definitely a controversial choice. Mauro Icardi has definitely caused his fair share of trouble off the pitch. However, there’s no denying that last decade he was one of the best strikers in Serie A. He scored 111 goals in 188 appearances for Inter. He was definitely a goalscoring machine. He imposes his will on defenders in the 18-yard box. Even, the toughest of defenders have a tough time marking him. Even Chiellini said in the past that other than Cristiano Ronaldo, Icardi is the toughest opponent he’s marked in the 18-yard box.

3. Antonio Di Natale

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Antonio Di Natale is probably one of the most underrated strikers to play in Serie A, maybe even in soccer, in general. At the beginning of the last decade, he was already at or past his peak. Despite that, he still carried Udinese on his shoulders for many seasons until his retirement. His goalscoring record and ability to be a leader, speak for themselves. However, one thing that stood out was his playing style. In my view, he was one of the most well-rounded strikers I’ve seen play. Not only, could he score goals, but his playmaking ability was top-notch. His soccer IQ was also legendary.

2. Gonzalo Higuain

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In 2013, when Napoli signed Gonzalo Higuain, I don’t think they knew just how good he’d be. He was world-class at Napoli and very good at Juve as well. People still make fun of him for missing an open net chance in the 2014 World Cup. Despite that, it’s nearly impossible not to see how good he’s been in Serie A. He’s declined a little bit at Juventus. But, he still has a tremendous eye for goal that shouldn’t be overlooked. Sometimes, I wonder what would’ve happened if he signed with Napoli earlier in his career.

1. Ciro Immobile

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Ciro Immobile has drawn criticism for his performances within the Italian National Squad. However, in Serie A he’s been the best striker over several seasons. His positioning in the box, as well as his speed, is the perfect combination to make life difficult for any defender. From 2011-2019 he played for Lazio, Torino as well as Genoa within Serie A. However, it was with Torino in 2013-2014 when he made his mark on the football world. Since then, he’s proven his worth. Now, please perform the same for the Italian National squad, Ciro!

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  1. Ciro Immobile has it been utterly breathtaking over this time however there’s not an argument for him at number one. I like your list but I think the order is a little mixed up. Gonzalo Higuain or Mauro icardi I think his number one but I completely agree with the rest of your list even though I would have had them in a different order

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